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Author Topic: Jim S. Lookin at my cousin in a casket  (Read 187 times)

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Jim S. Lookin at my cousin in a casket
« on: May 06, 2017, 02:19:39 PM »
Coaster Nut
May 3 at 11:20am
Jim S. Lookin at my cousin in a casket all I could say was what in the heck are ya doing in that casket. 52. Heart attack. There was just so much distraction around , I couldn't find him. Then settin in wal mart parking lot afterwards, after 15 minutes of pondering, I caught a glimpse of him above. He said, come on up, cheerfully. I said, Ok. And I said, remember those ole stupid looking stockings grandma used to wear , never fully pulled up. And I laughed , and I think he was laughin too. And I said , and how did ya like that ole stinking pipe grandpa used to smoke? So I think he's floating freely. I told him about pickin up new body and or going on vacation and being spirit guide. Just curious if ya ever came up with a magic question to bring deceased into view so you could talk to them? Or is it more of a , gotta wait for everything to be just right kind of thing?
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Jim you did just fine. You can just ask for them by name or you can just reach out and see if you can perceive them. Which is what you did.

Congratulations on an excellent exit interview
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Jack Airey
Jack Airey Well done big Jim.
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Norman Little
Norman Little Buried my mom's body last month? Hmm, but after I sensed she was around with a WTF!!! I responded, Yeah, welcome to the real world. Mom was pretty sharp as a human but kept tending to liking to ride the conventional way of thinking or believing in the rut. But she could be pretty out there, cool. So, she got the note, seemed to really look & haven't felt her around. But, but, she's your mom, dude! Was, got me into this confabultraption of a physical form frequency belief to human illusion setup. Is interesting but MOM is actually a free being that took on the character role to be my mom. So, was good, has been good, see you around the eternal loop, cuz what goes round comes around. Whatta crazy ride even if we are not the required height to experience the ride. Whoopie!!! And ya did do good Jim, gotta see the other sides of the fences & have a good ole fashion bit of talk like the friendly good old days. You have a good one.
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Star St George Kennedy
Star St George Kennedy If I want to talk to my Dad, I just say or think, "Dad, are you there?" and if I want to talk to my brother, I just say or think, "John, are you there?" Most of the time, they are. Sometimes they're busy so I check in the next day.
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Norman Little
Norman Little This is a cool thread. Comm with the ones in the stars. Some say, Ooohh! cuz they are into the metaphor. It is the late wife that comes up & she has upgraded or modified, the essence is a bit different, is cool, her space, we shared here on Earth. Some might get an obsession to connect for support but her coolness, not a denial of love, is that I have some purpose in my journey & I have to walk it to discover what this dang thang is. I recall when I realized I could just reach out & get in comm. Was intense, up that love feeling in human form 2 times. That was too much, so one could become a Ent love flow junkie. I wonder when a possible client might attempt to sway me to "jack" them in as they need a fix or a hit. Interesting position to be in as a SRT therapist, straddling the fence, ohhh that hurt!!
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