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Author Topic: Sunday Webinar based on a Group Session between David and his Entities  (Read 67 times)

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David St Lawrence shared a link.
February 26
Sunday Webinar based on a Group Session between David and his Entities
This was a memorable webinar, it might even change your perspective on Spiritual Rescue Technology
Messages from Davids Entities, an audio recording


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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Here are the participants. I hope to get the video recording released this week.
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Coaster Nut
Coaster Nut I loved that question, "What happens when some leader from some planet engaged you in a contract (to harm ) and they and their planet are now gone?" Would you like to go someplace and relax? Is there anything left around that planet that gave you that order? Extra super entity freeing questions vol 1. Think of your spiritual companions as a resource. Well I can't see em Bogart. What are you supposed to do, put a black light on each side of your body and tease them with pecan pie and cool whip? Validate your team. Yeah team I say, but I don't know who I'm talkin too. Excellent webinar. But my teachers always put the topic title and talking points on a chalkboard in the background ,
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence When you don't know who you are talking to, are you even trying to make friends?

The topic of this webinar could be boiled down to just this:

We are vastly out numbered by beings who have been here for a very long time and they are not in good shape. Do not create opposition by being stupid or arrogant. Find someone who wants to talk to you and see what they need and want. Help them in any way possible and you may end up with a new friend.

If you can't see or perceive anyone, stick to you own business and get work done. Eventually some being will drop by and want to chat. See what they need and want and help them.
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Coaster Nut
Coaster Nut That makes sense. Like don't push it, just be patient and receptive to possibility of someone showing their presence. You.ve gotten wiser in the last week. Did you get struck by lightning?
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Yes. I will be writing about it in the next few days.  :)
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Only do it if it's fun.  If it's not fun, make it fun.  If you can't make it fun, don't do it.