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Author Topic: Live SRT Session 2-19-17  (Read 279 times)

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Live SRT Session 2-19-17
« on: February 23, 2017, 01:28:26 PM »
David St Lawrence
February 20 at 2:12am
Live SRT Session 2-19-17
I began by explaining the purpose of this live SRT demo and the normal steps of an SRT session, but also making the point that each session is different.
Sessions are done for the purpose of freeing a being's attention from an incident and restoring his free will so each handling is tailored to the entity and his experience.
David Marlow and one of his entities volunteered to participate in the session. The problem we were hoping to solve was a tendency to be impulsive in some situations. Listen to the recording and judge for yourself if we were able to handle that tendency in this session.
I also covered discoveries about our relationship to spiritual beings that I have not discussed before. This is a recording you can listen to several times and find new material every time. It is densely packed with information.
The download link for this recording is:
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence I have replaced the original recording with an mp3 file with some of the noise removed.
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Caesar Alarcon
Caesar Alarcon Thanks David. You are sure busy.
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Norman Little
Norman Little You should preface the participants separate as an intro then get to the meat of the matter. It is "nice" to hear the chumminess but it is tedious. I want to hear the subject matter that it interjects into my team consciousness, as they are listening up to adjust or protest or comment that back flows or forward flows or whatever for me to think, "Hey, I just had an amazing brain fart eureka moment, maybe but maybe not, could be another of my group. But, a good paced speed of flow is needed as my STM's are tapping their ghostly foot, hey Pogo! & bitching, Yeah, yeah, yeah, we already know them from right here in the real creation level. A bit more production protocol to be to the point. I am not dissing the participants, the depth is totally necessary. Thanks for subduing the noise, it can be a hassle to live with. Just my plugged nickel's worth.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence I can easily relate to the noise you experience from the entities surrounding you. I can't wait until you get high speed internet on the Rez so I can help you organize the impatient crew that is doing their best to help you.

The "chumminess" they deride in their impatience to get to the "good stuff" contained new material they have not yet assimilated. Yes, some of the material was for the benefit of those who had never experienced an SRT session, but the foot tapping of your minions suggests that they have never really been in session or, just possibly, have misunderstandings on what and who they really are.

Being a spirit does not automatically provide one with an understanding of that condition.Most of the beings I encounter daily have no clue they are immortal or why they are not in a body playing the game of life. Your entities show evidence of being talented, but I don't see signs that they work in concert like a well-organized team.

Most of the beings sticking with us are not functioning on all cylinders because of their unhandled engrams. This is further complicated by the fact they rarely converse with each other and have no agreement on what goals they hold in common. They also resist assimilating new information because they feel they know everything already.

If they understood the value of being a team, you would be driving a new truck and would have the financial resources you desire and deserve. Right now, they resemble a mob of prima donnas all striving to get their words in however they can.

Until we can get together for a session or two, you had best use raw will power to keep them in line and producing results instead of sheer noise. I know their hearts are in the right place but they need to act in a coordinated way to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

As a first step in bringing these entities into line, you might expose them to the recording again and have them pick up what they missed the first time.

My guys send their best.  :)
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Coaster Nut
Coaster Nut Jim S. That was some fancy channeling. Hope I get a spirit guide someday. All my guys blow on about the 7th question. They must not like my dad's old spice. Oh I got somebody prodding me to get working usually.
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