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Author Topic: More Session Notes from Jim S.  (Read 114 times)

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More Session Notes from Jim S.
« on: February 23, 2017, 01:12:17 PM »
Coaster Nut
January 31 at 3:17pm
Jim S. Sams gala apple frees. I had the feeling of that a brother wishes I would fail, sad, disbelief, betrayal, hatred to me, disgust of self betterment. In the back right of my head I had a square brown mass. I heard the echo of 6 voices coming from it. Their not willing to let me help, they wanna wallow in self pity. 18, 1800, or 18,000 years ago. I got very sleepy. On incident question, they said, yes there was an incident, but your not gonna get it out of us. I said, what happened that made you feel the way that you feel now. Guy says, ugh, you wouldn't wanna hear the sad story. Names are Fred, Joe, Bill, Stan, Bill, Joey, Jan, Bill, and Jedediah. Last bill I think was Bill playin around speakin his name again. I said thanks for the names and they waved and said, oh hi. I asked for an incident. One shot up and out. another said, I gotta go ( Like ride motorcycles and have fun and shout woo hoo , I think. ) 9 lbs of mass lifted off my mind. I ask, Fred? And he says, present. The 10$ pilot g2 limited pen I bought for session writing 6 months ago runs out of ink. I get a pressure somatic in the front of my head. I feel weary and tired. I ask for an incident. Fred says, keep up the good work, gives me the thumbs up, and says I gotta go. My head feels free-er and I get big burps when they blow up & out. There's still weariness over the front of my head. Somebody says apple. I get an apple out of fridge and guy says, no, not that little piss apple. So i get a big sams gala apple. Wash it and take a bite. Guy makes me put ink on shoppin list. I take another bite and set down. The somatic is gone and the room seems bright light white clear. I say, hello. And a guy in the back of where the brown mass had been knocks on the back of my empty head. I ask if he was with the crew and he says no. I can see my space without any obstructions or impingements. Fred, joe, bill, stan and Bill don't answer now. Joey waves when I say Joey. I ask if there was an incident, and he blows up and away. I'm only 10 of 250 lbs in chair now. I ask if Jan or Bill are around and they don't answer. I ask if jedediah is around and he waves and says, I am the king of the apostles. I say ok. I ask for an incident. He floats around from right to left 4 ft in front of and above me. He is wearing a cape. tan, gold. He stops to the NW. of me and lowers his right arm and I hear the sound of like when you turn a 1970's tv off and it made a beep sound. I ask if there was an incident that made him loose his body . I get 2 big yawns. I say jedediah to see if he still there. My voice is resonating out 1/1000 of an AR, distance from earth to sun. 875 ft. All of the space is empty out 875 ft to west nw. I say get new bod and he waves with a 200 ft tall hand swooshing white cloud. I say adios Jedediah. He says , Jedediaaah, in a voice that is 12,000 ft tall. Flighty. No use asking any more entity charge questions now.
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