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Author Topic: Running SRT Sessions With No Mentions of Entities  (Read 122 times)

Kathy Elliott

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Running SRT Sessions With No Mentions of Entities
« on: January 11, 2017, 05:52:32 PM »
David St Lawrence
November 29, 2016
Running SRT Sessions With No Mentions of Entities
There are a good number of people who want spiritual relief, without having to deal with the complexities of immortal spiritual beings who are everywhere and influence us all every hour of the day.
We have been fortunate that so many of the people who reach for Spiritual Rescue Technology have the willingness to confront the daunting idea that these spiritual beings affect us physically as well as affecting and modifying our behavior on a moment to moment basis.
As we expand our influence, we are attracting people with real problems who want them to be handled smoothly and efficiently without having to assimilate esoteric ideas like clusters of beings, mind control, walk-ins, Body in Pawn situations, and horrifying implant incidents. They really do not want to have to confront spiritual entities at all, if that can be avoided.
They want results, not a spiritual education and this can now be done by professional SRT counselors and by SRT students with the right training.
There are a lot of complex products which required a high degree of skill to use them in the beginning. Computers, automobiles, and personal communication systems once required specialized training in order to operate them. Now you lift the lid, or turn the key, or push a button and you are fully operational in seconds. People want convenience and results, not a lot of preparatory work to get something done.
I have been exploring the possibility of running SRT with no mention of entities or incidents for some time and find that it is quite doable if you have the right information and can use caring communication.
I am almost ready to release this information so that those of you with certain skills can help people recover from stressful situations and physical ailments with conversational processes that use only English language and no special SRT terminology at all.
This means that those of you who are inclined to do coffee shop counseling can do so with a higher degree of success than before.
If there is sufficient interest in learning how to do this, we will make this the topic of this Sunday's webinar.
What do you say?
David St Lawrence
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Al Leggett
Al Leggett Seems like a good idea! :)
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Bert Kilborne
Bert Kilborne I'll be there.
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Dilenia Frias
Dilenia Frias I would be interested. People already think I'm "crazy." But I would love to help them without having them think they have confirmation of how "crazy" I am. 😀
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Tim Croft
Tim Croft I'm curious.
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Kathy Elliott
Kathy Elliott You know I'll be there! LOL! :)
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence I would like to point out that healing someone spiritually without their
full cooperation is likely to be very temporary, as they have been causing
the problem and holding it in place with their postulates.

When the person you are helping is cooperating with you, this "muzzled" SRT
will produce remarkable results. However standard SRT, which addresses
spiritual beings directly, is much faster and handles any spiritual upset.

For example, handling curses and fixed ideas is easy with Standard SRT, but
may be impossible with "muzzled" SRT.
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Only do it if it's fun.  If it's not fun, make it fun.  If you can't make it fun, don't do it.