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Author Topic: Communicating with dear friends who have departed  (Read 118 times)

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Communicating with dear friends who have departed
« on: September 11, 2016, 05:13:09 PM »
David St Lawrence
August 30 at 7:19pm
Communicating with dear friends who have departed
One of my dearest friends, John Joseph, died in July 2014 of complications from an appendix operation.
He was a great friend to many and although he was an absolute master of Scientology Tech, he supported me in my research for a better technology. He will be missed but not forgotten.
He was my Case Supervisor at the South Bay Mission in Redondo Beach, and later held the position of Senior Case Supervisor at ASHO.
He was my partner on the Possibly Helpful Advice blog for many years. I was writing stories to help people adjust to life after leaving the church and he wrote stories exposing the insanities of the Church of Scientology.
When he moved to Tucson, he delivered Sunday services at the Tucson Mission. Here is more about John: http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?s="john+joseph"
I had attempted to locate him several times after he dropped his body but was never sure that I was contacting him. I would get a feeling of grief and incompleteness, but we could never seem to exchange ideas.
Tonight, Kathy Elliott helped me to locate John for the first time. He still does not want any spiritual help, as he is still wholly absorbed in his campaign to spread the truth about the Church of Scientology. He is still working with Tony Ortega as he was during the last few years of his life. He was the source of the research that Tony used in 2013-2014 for some of his articles exposing conditons in the church.
John is still doing what he loved to do.
I doubt that he will pick up a body any time soon.
David St Lawrence

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