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David St Lawrence
June 30 at 8:06pm
Our current model of personal beingness opens the door to faster resolution of problems
In SRT, we have always addressed the upset spiritual beings that are causing our clients their current difficulty. We are still doing that now, but as we gain awareness of our multiple selves, the spotting of an upset being becomes so much easier and faster than before.
This may not seem intuitively obvious, but once you experience it there is no doubt that recognizing your multiple selves makes changing your considerations much easier.
If, upon being asked a question, you can spot which of your selves is in trouble, you will find you can start an immediate conversation with that being and realizations occur very quickly.
Remember that these beings are operating in present time and are on duty 24/7. When a non-optimum situation is brought to their attention, they react and engage you in conversation. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes of conversation and they will change what they are doing. Other times, you have to find the reason they are stuck in a particular behavior pattern and handle it using SRT.
I have been discussing our current model of beingness involving multiple selves with several clients and students and in all cases so far the knowledge alone has produced some relief. People have been spontaneously spotting periods where they had not been what they consider to be "themselves" and got instant relief now that the cause was identified.
Some people are already able to causatively invoke their other selves which gives them a degree of personal control they never had before. They are increasingly able to orchestrate their behavior and their lives instead of letting everything run on automatic.
There is much more to discuss here, but I leave you with the suggestion that you identify your most desirable features and your least desirable characteristics and see who is responsible for each of them.
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