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David St Lawrence
May 30 at 7:03pm
In reviewing our early SRT Integrity Restoration sessions, I realized I could have gotten the same results with less waste motion.
Here are two examples that illustrated a possibility for improvement:
1. In one recent session, the person reported getting a message about her smoking while she was describing the effort to stop.
When we took the chain of destructive actions earlier similar, we ended up at the earliest incident and found there were entities involved in launching the chain of incidents.
These entities were still with her and they were handled with SRT processing. What if the very first incident was checked for entity activity? Might that not have detected the entities that were there fro the beginning?
2. In an earlier incident, the person indicated they did not deserve money at the beginning of the session.
What if I had checked for entity activity as the cause of the very first incident of cutting someone's throat for a few coins?
When we got to the bottom of the chain, entities were definitely involved in creating the situation that led to a long chain of destructive actions. On checking, these entities were still with the person and were handled with SRT.
I felt the sessions could be further improved and now that I have done 6 Integrity Restoration sessions we are using this following sequence of steps.
A. We find the area of life that the person has back off on handling. This is arrived at by asking enough questions that the person can clearly identify the problem. It may appear as them being undeserving of money or success or love instead of feeling they have a back off on the area.
B. We get the earlier action they committed in connection with this area that compromised their integrity. (If they committed destructive actions on wives for example, they may well be unable to handle wives now. If they caused others to die in some fashion, they may well have difficulty now healing themselves or recovering from illness or injury.)
C. We get the details of the earlier destructive action and when we get the justifications off, we immediately check for entity activity unless the person has a big win getting the justifications off. If there are multiple entities involved, we want to contact those who have been with the person for a very long time.
D. We handle the entities/clusters with SRT. If the person has a huge win, we end off.
E. If the person still has attention on the area of life they could not handle, we orient them to the possible chain of actions that compromised their integrity and look for earlier incidents. If we find earlier incidents, we do steps C. and D, above until we establish there is a long chain of such incidents and we ask for the earliest one he can recall.
F. We get the details and the justifications and if there is no big win, we ask if there was a prior confusion and if he came up with some sort of decision to resolve that confusion. At this point we ask if entities had contributed to this decision and, if so, we handle the entities with SRT in the usual way.
G. At this point, we check to see if the person still has back off on handling the area. It may be expressed as a continuing desire to drink, or smoke, or to lie for example.
If there is any remaining problem. it is noted for LATER handling. It should not be taken up at this point. Let the person have his win from the session and arrange for a later session to handle any remaining issues.
I am delivering this revised program to a select group of research subjects and will have it available for my clients as soon as we have certainty that we can produce the same results on all subjects.
If you are interested in signing up for Integrity Restoration, please send me a private message. You an choose the area you wish to handle as this is a program tailored especially for you.
David St Lawrence
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Norman Little Thanks for the write-ups Dave. I am on an antiquated, per an internet tech, copper wire line which is extremely slow so I cannot stream or view any airing's in real time. So, your write-ups are quite valuable to me for my solo applications. Interesting life changes are happening. One of my STM's is very interested in the new Chevy Camaro SS, the top performance model & continues to have the model drive by as I am on the highway so I won't forget who is important. I am not sure we need to cruise at 175 mph. Ha ha. I am waiting for your next informative sessions details. Thank you again for your invaluable service.
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