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Connecting The Dots...
« on: May 07, 2016, 04:44:13 PM »
Malcolm Fraser
March 28
Connecting The Dots...
I had an extraordinary experience over the last few days. Normally I'd want to let it integrate (until I forget about it) but this time my entities insisted I write about it.
Recap: The body has the meridian system of acupuncture, and through QiGong practice one can work with both the 12 organ and 8 extra meridians for health, energy and spirituality. There are various mandala systems that embody working with the internal energies for personal or spiritual growth, like Jung's use of mandalas to integrate aspects of consciousness, the Human Design system, or (especially) the Kalachakra ('Wheel of Time') Tantra in Tibetan Buddhism. The earth is often said to have something similar, e.g. the ley lines in Britain or the songlines in Australia. Also include Native American sand paintings and ceremonies. There are even ways of connecting the body's meridians to the “energy grid of the cosmos”, the Axiatonal Alignment and the Reconnection (both of which I've experienced).
The other evening I had a direct kinesthetic experience of all four levels of that, including the nature of consciousness and time. Very cool, a magnificent sense of connection throughout the cosmos, a sort of multi-dimensional mandala web with lines and nodes, consciousness being part of that grid. Wow wow wow +++. Of course, the reason for posting is a clear sense that SRT facilitated this, regardless of or in addition to, what I've done before. It disrupted my sleep, no surprises there, but stayed with me when I woke up, and through the day. I thought I was just a bit dopey from loss of sleep, but then realized the following day that entities were in need of attention. Waking up next morning I had to run another solo session before I got out of bed.
Then my partners suggested a new possibility to me. My sense of my partners is usually them being close to me, mainly lined up in front of me in various ways. The suggestion they made was for them to spread out a bit around this multi-dimensional mandala, on the 'nodes' of the grid. Yeah, like I'm gonna argue! The effect, I suspect, is to strengthen the experience, and to enhance this 'structure' as a channel of communication and healing.
I've had a few entities who want some healing even after a session before they feel ready to jump back in. I tried this approach out yesterday with an entity who committed suicide in 1976. I had met him once the previous year on the London Underground, a crazy, naive hippy badly damaged by National Service and drugs. His justification (now) for the suicide was knowing how wrecked he was, and rehab would've taken too much effort. In this 'mandala grid', his energy lines seem to be getting slowly connected and grounded again.
Updates as they become available....
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Jack Airey
Jack Airey You have moved into a strata in this Universe that has me baffled.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence You make this new part of the spiritual universe much more real to me. Thanks for sharing!
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