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Kathy Elliott

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Malcolm Fraser
January 30
Last year I packed up and moved across country, from metropolitan Chicago o a sparsely populated area of Idaho. The new job didn't pan out as expected. I got to the point where I had no income and a big pile of debt. At one point, like a lot of people in the area, I had 5 part-time jobs, but not making any headway.
I was trying to use a range of techniques to try and handle the ginormous stress and turn the situation around, working from the assumption that I'm responsible for my life. Oh great, I created this mess through some combination of negative programming and energy. Another layer of stress came from feeling that all of the work I'd put in over many years, had only produced this massive failure.
In July I heard about David St Lawrence and SRT. I ordered the books, studied the SRT website. SRT is a dialogue with the spirit reality around us all the time: helping the entities who are stuck, and hearing those who want to help us. After a few sessions from David, I started doing solo sessions. A lot. Intern program and regular swap sessions. Giving sessions has proved just as rewarding as being on the receiving end.
Things have turned around. Measurable results are key, and my income has, thank goodness, recovered to a very manageable level. Communication with spirit entities, guides and partners is a daily experience. Sometimes the voice is a quiet suggestion we might call “intuition”. Sometimes we have more lively – and often surprising – chats. Perhaps most important is the internal difference, subtle but cumulative. I'd describe it as innate confidence, centeredness, a natural feeling of optimism and a knowingness.
People talk about “raising your frequency” or “moving up the tone scale” or moving from the negative emotions to positive states of abundance and peace (Sedona Method). This only approximates the reality. Now I know what they're trying to portray, and I haven't seen that change with any other approach in the last 30 years.
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Zana Zeches
Zana Zeches Thanks for the share Malcolm. I really needed to read this today.
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Amrita J Walia
Amrita J Walia Would like to chat with you , please let me know what time usually works best for you . I'm in the PST time zone
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Coaster Nut
Coaster Nut Congrats on the wonderful turnaround!
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Warren Hudson
Warren Hudson Terrific success story, thanks for sharing
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