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Author Topic: Links to the Videos of the First Two Free SRT Webinars  (Read 110 times)

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David St Lawrence
February 28
Here are links to the videos of the first two free SRT webinars.
The February 28, 2106 webinar video is provided uncut because it contains an unusual viewing of entities in action. One of our interns was blocked from discussing a solo session he had run. He made multiple tries to communicate and you can see what happens when he starts to say what happened in session!
This video also contains new material that has never been presented. I think you will find it extremely educational.
You will need to use DivX to play this video. You can download that for free.
February 28, 2106 webinar - Solo SRT Sessions
February 14, 2016 webinar - Basics of SRT processing
SRT Free Webinar 2-28-16.mp4
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Roopali Verma
Roopali Verma It was very informative. Thanks David.
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Warren Hudson
Warren Hudson Thanks David, watching it now
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Shirley Bleau
Shirley Bleau I watched the Feb. 14,2016 webinar, It answered some of the questions I had. love all your comm.ack. ,very safe.thank you David and to all the imputs from others.
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Silvia Kusada
Silvia Kusada David St Lawrence, the works and tools you are providing are priceless. You have my admiration and unconditional love.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Thank you all for your feedback. You are welcome to join us for future free webinars as the program will be continually changed.
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