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Author Topic: How Do I Restore the Ability to See Spirits?  (Read 1054 times)

Tim Lewis

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How Do I Restore the Ability to See Spirits?
« on: December 15, 2013, 02:40:22 AM »
Tim Lewis
I have an interesting win along with a burning question.
My life is a catalog of the unusual, but I always wondered why I did not see ghosts as a child. The truth is, I did. I just forgot and my memory came roaring back six days ago.
I found myself with time to kill while waiting for my wife to get off work. She works across the street from the cemetery in which my great grandfather is buried. He died almost 2 years before I was born.
Recently I had been drawn to his grave and visit every time I am in the area, but I did not sense a presence at his grave.
Last Saturday, I was at his grave feeling unable to leave, so I asked if I was the being that lived that lifetime, and felt a presence. I further asked if this was my experience or one belonging to a spiritual teammate. It was a spiritual teammate's, so I asked when the being joined my body and the date flashed along with the memory that accompanied it.
I recalled going to visit my him with my grandmother. She told me we were going to visit her father, but did not mention him being dead. When we arrived at the grave, he greeted me at the car. He was excited to see me and there was a mutual love present between us. She was talking to him as if he was present and sometimes looking right at him. The grave was right behind him.
He asked if he could come with me and I said yes. My communication was likely telepathic, because I was less than two years old. When we left, he was in the front seat, turned around talking to me. I would see him often for sometime.
As these memories came back, I stood there with joy and sorrow surging through me. It was even harder to leave, until I realized he was where he always was
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Re: How Do I Restore the Ability to See Spirits?
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          Dear Tim,

    Very sensible story, can feel the emotion, indeed, it is true that we all have suppressed memories, because we need to fit with the trend of the time, in order to have a sense of belonging...also because we, from early childhood, are mixing up with entities from our own relatives, entities ENFORCING what we are allowed to think and do, stopping and screening us from operating freely...

                    The ability to ''see'' Spirits is mainly telepathic ability, and there are [usually] NO PICTURES, but of course, pictures can be brought up, suggested as a support, to memorize, or generally to TUNE up to a particular ''BEING''..

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