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Tim Lewis

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Life Force - It's contactable
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Julian Anton Bray
Life Force - It's contactable.

This morning, I had the pleasure of entertaining my daughters two little girls, aged 3 and 4.
We are in the vegetable garden and they are both wanting to pick veg. I decide that this is the perfect opportunity to 'introduce' them to the plant world and how nature works to sustain us. Also about life force, that like us, the plants are alive.

Then I get them to look at a plant (baby marrow) and ask them to listen carefully to the plant, then told them: "say hello to the plant," which they do.
Well, the younger one, in suprise said: "the plant said hello to me!" WOW! So I validate her.
Then she asks me, "is the plant a boy or a girl?" I reply to both of them:" put your hands on the plant and you tell me if its a boy or a girl"

They do so and reply together: "it a girl!"

I thought I should share this with you all..................


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Life Force Its contactable
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Thanks for posting that link Sandy. I enjoyed listening to her. She is an amazing woman with a wonderful outlook on life.