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Entities With an Agenda
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David St Lawrence created a doc.
November 30 at 3:36am
Entities with an agenda
Entities generally fall into one of two categories, either they are REACTING to external stimuli and becoming disturbed and affecting you negatively or they are CAUSING problems because they are GUIDING your behavior according to an agenda that seems natural but will lead you into one disaster after another.

Disturbed Entities

Almost every student of spiritual activity eventually becomes aware of the havoc that disturbed spiritual entities can wreak upon the life of a person afflicted by these entities.

After all, when a person's activities trigger a response from an entity, it is painfully abvious to any educated onlooker that the person is not being his usual self.

Who has not observed the normally cheerful friend who gets all uptight at the prospect of a visit from a parent or a call from a stranger on the phone?

Or the goodnatured person who always volunteers to help others and yet seems to whine about the ingratitude of those she helps.

A more obvious sign of entity action is the person who has received indifferent service from a store or restaurant employee and feels compelled to talk about the incident for the rest of the week to all who will listen.

These issues can be handled with Spiritual Rescue Technology in one or two sessions and are the most common reasons new people seek help from an SRT practitioner. Once the disturbed spirit is fully handled, that exact problem vanishes and the person feels great relief and their attention goes on to other areas of life they wish to handle.

Entities with an Agenda

What about entities who have an agenda which is CAUSING problems for you because they are GUIDING you to behave in ways that seem perfectly natural but somehow lead to one disaster after another?

Entities with an agenda can be difficult to spot because their agenda seems to align with your purpose in life.

Even after their agenda is exposed, it will often seem entirely reasonable to you and it will take careful handling by a skilled SRT counselor to get you and the entity to see how destructive the compulsive following of the agenda has been. When you see that an entity has caused you to follow a long pattern of self-destructive behavior, and you no longer feel the compulsion, the relief is almost beyond belief.

Take the agenda of helping people who really need help. Sounds harmless, doesn't it?

Consider the hiring manager who has had a long run of employees who have not worked out in spite of the fact that his positions provided a good salary and excellent benefits. On inspection, this manager's top qualifications for hiring somebody was that they needed help instead of them being highly competent. He never hired on competence and experience alone. The employees he selected always were in such bad shape financially and personally that they desperately needed help. He would even overlook obvious shortcomings like a poor work history and inability to come to work regularly because the person needed help and he felt compelled to help them.

Here is another example: an entity with an agenda of creating sexual relationships with potential partners who needed help. This entity would steer the person toward potential partners who were willing to let the person help them, rather than toward partners who were independent, or ethical, or resourceful.

Have you ever seen this behavior in another person? He is looking for a mate and he constantly looks for someone who is eager to accept his help instead of looking for a potential mate with integrity and intelligence and mutual interests.

If he finds a person with integrity and intelligence who has mutual interests, he will find some reason to terminate the relationship if that person does not seem to need his help enough. The entity is using the help flow as a means of gaining control and if the potential partner does not need enough help, the entity will keep looking for someone who can be controlled through the providing of help.

There are many different entity agendas at work and not all will be destructive. After all, an entity with an agenda of achieving success through hard work and good deeds can help a person to achieve greatness against considerable odds. We would consider this type of entity to be a valued spiritual teammate and would recommend that the person acknowledge the presence and assistance of the entity whenever possible.

SRT training enables a person to recognize agendas of the spiritual beings in their vicinity and to deal with them appropriately. The trained person can handle the entities with disruptive agendas and will encourage those entities who have supportive agendas. Life becomes much more understandable and enjoyable.

For those of you who have not actually using Spiritual Rescue Technology at this moment, I recommend that you download "Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology" from amazon.com and prepare yourself for an adventure.

David St Lawrence

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Eleanor Lebrecht
Eleanor Lebrecht Knowing that quirky, ill-suited behavior out of another person is really an entity or entities that another person is carrying brings forgiveness or non-judgment to the table really fast. And now knowing that we have the choice to counsel the entities involved so they get unstuck in bad behavior with the option of the carrier's awareness or not...well now that is THE REAL icing on the cake.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Congratulations! I can see that you are really applying SRT to life.
It gets even easier as time goes on. smile emoticon
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