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Author Topic: Medical Intuitive Healer Addresses Finding Entity Attachments  (Read 122 times)

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Michael Rinaldi
October 29
I just took a 3 1/2 day seminar/workshop on Medical Intuitive diagnosis and healing in Lily Dale, NY. I have had some experience in this area, however the instructor (Tina Zion) did a remarkable job of tying in different areas of intuitive/psychic perception and adding to them, a method of healing.
I found it interesting that she went into the spiritual realm and talked about finding the source of problems/afflictions/injuries often times rooted in early life (present) as well as past life.
She also went into the topic of finding entity attachment and influence on people's health/well-being. Not what I would expect from a former nurse practictioner.
Of note, she said that in 30+ years or so of her work as a healer, she has NEVER ONCE found a client who had cancer who did not also have an entity attachment to the client. That was stunning to me.
I was pleased though, to see someone with a secular background is finding a way to discuss the spiritual side of health and presenting it in a live format.
I know many in this group are doing it digitally now, and you deserve your kudos.
It is nice to know we are not alone.
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Eleanor Lebrecht Tina Zion from Fort Wayne Indiana?
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