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Investigating New Areas
« on: December 18, 2015, 02:18:31 PM »
David St Lawrence
September 26
We have been investigating some new areas recently: Locating and handling fixed ideas; Repairing the effects of bad SRT counseling; Creating a handy clean-up process for spiritual beings.
I have been receiving counseling in these areas as well as delivering it so I can speak with first hand experience on how it feels to get areas handled that I did not know were "broken".
I am also wrestling with the issues involved in thinking as a group instead of as an individual with a group of associates. There come a point where many thought streams align and become one. It is not a persisting condition at present, but it creates some interesting thought patterns and realizations.
These topics will be covered in articles as soon as I catch up on some personal cycles. If there is enough interest, I can discuss what we are doing in the Sunday webinar for interns which will be focused on how to run smoother, more effective SRT sessions.
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Nolan Cage
Nolan Cage I would be interested in the articles and what is happening with the Sunday webinars also.
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Jack Airey
Jack Airey Would like to learn more about your new findings on Sunday.
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Malcolm Fraser
Malcolm Fraser Pretty amazing how this is opening up, looking forward to call on Sunday. Thanks.
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Eleanor Lebrecht
Eleanor Lebrecht Please I want to be on Sunday's Skype session.
Like Reply September 26 at 1:36pm
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