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Author Topic: Would you like to get more from your SRT sessions with session videos?  (Read 120 times)

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David St Lawrence
August 31
Would you like to get more from your SRT sessions with session videos?
We have started producing SRT session videos for the use of SRT interns and the results have been more than we expected.
Our first two videos showed that caring communication between counselor and the client was the most important feature of our sessions. It showed that violations of the SRT Counselors code distracted from the session, but the trust between counselor and client and the resulting open communication was the key element in producing high gains and in helping disturbed entities.
Our third SRT internship video shows that it takes client and counselor working together to help an entity who is unwilling to show himself.
These videos are only available to SRT interns at this time, but we have learned something from producing and reviewing these videos that was totally unexpected.
I noticed that I get a lot more out of a session when I review the video later. So much of what we do in session relates to another being that it is sometimes hard to remember what occurred. Even more confusing is that some of the cognitions that occur are the beings' cognitions and they do not always sink in until I review the session.
Remember, in SRT we are processing spiritual beings and unsticking them from events of their past. Yes, we have cognitions of our own during the session, but most of the action is the spiritual being discovering what he has done to himself to make himself so unable.
We, the counselor and the client are fully engaged in making it safe for the entity to discover how he has destroyed himself and do not have time usually to discuss the long term effects on the client, unless he realizes this in the session. Once the entity is freed from the past and is brought to present time, our attention is on setting him free to create his new life.
Some clients like to spend time reviewing the session and aligning what they have learned to how their lives were affected by the presence of the entities handled in the session, but many do not wish to continue after experiencing the release that comes with handling the entities. Continuing after a major release can make the client and the entity feel that an overrun is occurring and this diminishes the gains experienced from the session.
On the other hand, when I have reviewed the videos of my sessions I gain all sorts of insights into what actually caused the problems in the first place and I have realizations about myself and the entities involved that I did not get from the session while it was going on. It seems as if a review turns up additional data that was not apparent during the initial session.
Some sessions are like a toboggan ride and not like a sauntering walk in the woods. As a result, we are occupied getting through the experience safely and not stopping to ponder the deeper significance of what an entity has revealed about history or man's efforts to survive different crises.
Some clients take notes in sessions so they can review the session later. They feel that many things come up in session which deserve more thought. The availability of good quality video recording of sessions on demand will give them tools to extract every possible insight from their sessions.
As a result of our recent experiences with session videos for the internship, I am prepared to offer my clients videos of their sessions with me to review after the fact.
One of my clients had this to say about this:
"I reckon to supply people with video copies of their sessions is an excellent idea. It can give rise to continued cognitions, analytic observation, improved perception as well as an aid to understanding, not mentioning validating progressive psychicism."
Any thoughts you would like to share about this?
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence I just received a video from Ron Bible via Skype. It allowed me to see the entire session so I can coach him on the areas he wants to improve.

It surprises me that Skype can transfer a 100 mb file faster than I can transfer it to a website. It took only 15 minutes for the entire file.

This means that if we record a session, the client can have a copy of the session almost immediately.

Thank you Ron for this fortunate discovery.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Hi Frank, I need to explain the process a little bit. Theories an
application called Pamela which allows you to record both sides of the
conversation in a Skype call. it will allow you to record voice only or a
complete video. Recording should be done with the knowledge of both people
on the line.

When the session is over, if both parties stay on the line for another 15
minutes, you can transmit the video to the other party at that time. Skype
seems to be much faster than any other means of transmitting 100 megabyte

Ron Bible discovered this yesterday and I will be using it whenever i video
session with somebody. It provides both parties with a complete record of
what was said and done in the session.
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