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David St Lawrence
July 28

Additional notes on preparing to deliver an SRT session

I have written before on the desirability of meditating before delivering an SRT session, but I have some new data that might ensure better session control in some cases.

We need to ensure that our spiritual teammates and any resident entities do not have charge on the person we are helping with SRT or on the topics we will be discussing.

Either of these situations will prevent us from maintaining caring communication and this will make it almost impossible to help the client and his entities.

Here is a real-life example:

While participating in our first SRT webinar, I noticed an unexpected lack of preparedness on my part and I upset my entities while attempting to handle the entities trapped in the incident at Pearl Harbor.

The lack of preparedness was a failure to check my entities for charge on the subject we were going to look at.

As a result, some of my entities were quite overwhelmed by grief and this interfered with my ability to participate in the handlings of the beings trapped in the Pearl Harbor disaster. I was quite aware of the skill that some of you showed in rescuing beings from the painful moments they were stuck in, but the intense grief coming from my own entities prevented me from being effective in assisting.

I also realized if I could run into trouble trying to deal with a historical incident, I might really mess up while trying to handle the entities of some high political figure.

What this means is if we are going to handle destructive entities who are running some important individual, we must ensure that our entities are completely handled as far as the individual and his apparent actions are concerned.

For example, if we set up a webinar to handle the entities of some individual, every member of the group needs to handle himself or herself and their entities until they can be totally objective about the person and not be the effect of the person's past history.

Let's say that you are convinced that the target of the webinar is an unregenerate scumbag and is of the wrong political party to boot. If that is the case, you will not be able to contribute to helping locate and handling the entities that make him a risk to society. Your hostile flows will make it impossible for the group to communicate in a caring way to the beings who are driving his behavior.

I am sure that you will be able to handle yourselves and your entities, if you wish, so that you can be totally objective when applying SRT to some individual and his entities.

Anyone who does not care to do that is welcome to wait for another target that is less restimulating.

Our next few targets will be people who are currently presenting a risk to society.
You can all suggest people who are a risk to society, but the Webinar group will make the final decision on who we look at.
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        Gerlinde Mantey

Gerlinde Mantey I'd like to see a report, too.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Would there be times when Gerlinde and Julian and others in those time zones would be available for a SRT webinar?

I would like to extend the benefits of these webinars to more people.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Any detailed reports will be posted on srtforum.info in the section titled "Using SRT on Groups - Private"
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