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Author Topic: Webinar 8-20-15 Revisiting the Vatican  (Read 196 times)

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Webinar 8-20-15 Revisiting the Vatican
« on: August 20, 2015, 09:50:22 PM »
Tonight we returned to the Vatican to complete the mission we started a week ago.
The webinar team consisted of Eleanor, Jack, Frank, Kathy, Ron, me and we were accompanied by a spiritual being named Dominic.

Our purpose was to meet with the other three spiritual guardians whom we had left guarding the Pope and
see if they wanted to follow Dominic's example. They had been reluctant to leave their posts in order to explore the opportunities available to them, but they were willing for Dominic to go and find out what the real situation was like.

Dominic is hooked on his new lifestyle which involve helping Jack Airey and learning about SRT. He has had the opportunity to see Jack using SRT on himself and a client and he is enthralled at the possibilities that are open to him now. He was quite emphatic about not wanting to go back to guarding the pope from spiritual attacks, but he was willing to go back and talk to the other guardians and help them decide what they should do.

We six members of the team spent a lot of time discussing the ethics of disturbing the guardian setup and leaving the pope exposed to the huge mass of upset entities thronging the Vatican. We had already observed that there seemed to more to this pope than the benificent image he projected, but in the end we decided to let the guardians decide for themselves what they should do. We felt that it was important that whatever action they took that it not compromise their integrity.

When we arrived, the other guardians had formed a triangular space around the pope and they were still keeping spiritual attacks at bay. It appears they have had time to think about their situation and they were ready to end their defense of the Pope. When we asked what would happen when they stopped protecting the pope from spiritual attacks, they replied that this was a false pope as were most of the popes throughout history. The concept I got was that behind the affable exterior, he was planning to extend the power of the Catholic faith and to make it into a world power again. The guardians said that the last true pope was Pope Paul and that he was a saint compared to most of the other popes.

They made several points in favor of making a change and going free. 1. They had been tricked into assuming their positions as guardians. 2. The pope was another false pope. 3. They had spent 1700 years defending popes and the church from the results of their destructive actions against mankind. 4. The church appears to be an organization for the spreading of religion, but it is a political organization that operates to gain power and money and to control people.

If they left, the church and the pope would be exposed to the natural results of their actions. The guardians would no longer be there to protect the popes from the people they had wronged. The church and the pope would have to adapt or suffer the consequences.

Once these three guardians had time to learn SRT, they wanted to come back and handle the victims of the churches' oppression. This would be their amends project for having protected the popes from the natural results of the damage they had caused.

Most of us could sense the pent up charge that surrounds the pope and we really have no feeling for what would happen once the guardians left. The guardians left at about 2:15 am Vatican time on August 21st, 2015.

It will be most interesting to see if there is any noticeable change in the Pope's behavior or appearance.

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