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Integrating SRT into your life
« on: August 17, 2015, 11:16:21 PM »
I want to encourage all new Spiritual Rescue Technology students to consider SRT as the gateway to an entirely new level
of existence. I realize that this may be a stretch for some even though they may see that SRT handles paranoia and really ugly feelings as well as lack of ambition.

Handling the things that worry you and make you fail is only the tip of the changes that using SRT can do for you.
Handling upset beings enables you to make incredible changes in your life, but it would be a shame to stop there
and not get the benefit that comes from having innumerable beings constantly working on your behalf.

SRT is a tool like no other. You can use it to fix existing situations and you can also use it to develop new ways of doing things and new ways of living.

You can use SRT to keep your life from roller coastering and crashing, and you can also use SRT to completely redesign
 the way you live your life. What's more, you can use SRT to achieve things that ordinary people just can't do.

You are using a technology which differs significantly from any spiritual technology that exists today
because it enables you to communicate with any spiritual being and confidently offer to help it.

There is no "believing" or "hoping", only caring communication with the entities who want to communicate with you.
When the communication stops, there are standard actions you must do to reestablish your communication.
It has all been written up in my two books on Spiritual Rescue Technology.

Once you realize that you are actually surrounded by entities who can affect your life, you have several choices:

A. You can panic and put this hideous thought out of your mind and go back to church where you will be given soothing platitudes to reassure you about your path to Heaven.

B. You can start using SRT on yourself until your hidden terrors and bad dreams recede and then resume a "normal" life

C. You can study everything about SRT that you can find and you can use SRT to help your family and friends in ways you never expected.

D. You study and use SRT until you find your life expanding and you start having fun again and then you begin thinking about
using SRT in the spiritual healing practice you always wanted to establish.

E. You accomplish everything in D above and you begin to look at a bigger picture. You have been helping entities for some time now
and acknowledging those who are helping you, but you want to make your mark in some unique way. You realize that you have literally
thousands of spiritual supporters who could help you accomplish something special if you could figure out how to organize them.

Your first step is using your entities to help you generate income. You have advisers who have made every mistake in the world
and these guys are a priceless resource if you can get them unstuck from the disasters that brought them low.
Once you have cleaned them up, they can guide you in finding some way to generate exchange with the world, funding it,
organizing it, promoting and marketing it, and then running the operation efficiently so you have time to keep on expanding spiritually.

You start recruiting and organizing your entities in earnest and you help other who wish to do the same.
You team up with these advanced SRT users and engage in projects to find answers about things that have been hidden or suppressed for many years.

As you work on these projects, you see the limitations of your entity organization and help it to reorganize to be more effective in finding out anything anywhere.

You devise methodologies in working with other advanced SRT users to accomplish tasks that are so beyond belief,
that their outrageousness makes you safe from consideration for now.

You keep things light so those who are uninvolved will view your projects as "seances" and dismiss you as harmless crackpots,
but you work to an agreed upon purpose that is kept within the working group If there are multiple purposes, you split off groups
to forward each purpose. I feel it is important to stay focused so that a group will be able to get results with little discussion over goals.

You concentrate on achieving useful results while maintaining a low profile. You find ways to connect up with other advanced
spiritual groups with similar aims, even if they are in remote locations.

You strive to stay off the radar of news agencies and governments as neither will contribute to your achieving of your goals.
You avoid stunts like visiting underground silos and discovering launch codes for missiles or visiting satellites and fiddling with
their programming. Doing so, as Ingo Swan discovered, will make government agencies unhappy with you.
Such agencies do not have a sense of humor and one should not give them an opportunity to see you as a security risk.

There are many things that need to be discovered which lie outside of governmental concerns and you could spend a lifetime on those
without ever appearing on somebody's radar. These are things that are considered so preposterous that you could not share the information
 if you tried. For example, a cursory glance at conspiracy and new age literature will give you more projects that you could do in several years.
Have you checked out the construction sites on the other side of the moon? Is there life on Mars? Are there groups like yours on other planets?
Are there ruins of ancient civilizations under the poles? Have you checked out the sites for Atlantis and Lemuria?
The survivors keep turning up in sessions, so why not find out more of the story and of any other sites?

If you integrate SRT into your life, you will never lack for adventure or for money to live on.

Doesn't that sound like a reason to pay attention?
Exchange is the basis of all successful activity.


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Re: Integrating SRT into your life
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2015, 11:37:03 PM »
 SRT Rocks  I am into this!  A@!  Thank you!
Eleanor Lebrecht

Jack Airey

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Re: Integrating SRT into your life
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2015, 02:48:47 PM »
David...You keep opening up new frontiers using SRT.  Count me in.   #^G


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Re: Integrating SRT into your life
« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2015, 05:01:46 PM »
So very glad to see this FINALLY come out from you.   Seems my hours of telling you strange stuff has paid off.    (""

You do such wonderful work.   Am pleased you let your entities fly.

Ron, Darling, & A bunch of STM's     SRT Rocks