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Another unseen copilot story
« on: August 14, 2015, 10:45:06 PM »
"If that's the case, I might as well give up being an accountant!"

In a recent session, a client was reciting the problems he was having with new customers, so I was asking him what he was doing that was bringing in so many unsatisfied customers.

He couldn't answer that but went on to say that the customers didn't want to pay what they had agreed to pay and they didn't have any money, etc. etc. and weren't reliable, etc.

He was really upset and resentful at the treatment he was getting from these customers and could not let go of the feeling.

When I asked him if he really cared about these customers, he grudgingly said they were very hard to deal with. Then after many attempts to get him to look at what he was actually doing that might have created these unpleasant customer relationships, I finally asked if he made any effort to find out more about them before doing business with them.

At this point, he blurted out the following statement:

"If that's the case, I might as well give up on being an Accountant!"

This statement, after 15 successful years in his profession, did not sound like the generous and warm professional I knew. It sounded like an unhappy youngster stomping off to his bedroom after not getting his way.

It was so non sequitur that I asked him if that was him or an entity speaking, and he immediately spotted that it was an entity. The entity, whose name was Derek, had actually been with him for a very long time and had failed as an accountant because he didn't communicate with his clients. His failure has so embittered him that he did not believe clients could be trusted and was interfering with all of my client's customer relationships. My client would establish a friendly relationship with a prospect and Derek would act to poison the relationship by inserting hostile flows into the conversation at every opportunity.

Once Derek was handled, my client became his usual warm self again and all traces of the resentful and hostile Derek had vanished.

(Names and professions have been altered to protect client privacy. Only Derek is correctly identified.)
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