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Author Topic: A totally new look at handling suppression  (Read 1834 times)

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A totally new look at handling suppression
« on: August 14, 2015, 10:27:56 PM »
Suppression is the act of making someone smaller and making them afraid to reach out and communicate. Some people seem to specialize in doing this to others and we consider them to be toxic individuals

There have been millions of words written to explain why they act in this way and how to avoid these toxic individuals and keep them out of your life, but not so much on terminately handling them and handling your tendency to pull them in as opponents.

Spiritual Rescue Technology provides an entirely new approach to handling suppression.

If someone or something is making you smaller and you cannot seem to handle them with ease, you first look at the entities in your space that make you feel helpless in the face of this oppression and you handle all of them until you feel up to handling the entities in the other person's space.

When you look into the other person's space, you need to find who is attacking you and why they are doing it. Handle them with SRT.

After you have handled these beings, you need to look in your own collection of entities and see who is still opposing the actions of the "suppressive" person and his entities.

Handling these remaining upset entities will change your relationship with the apparently suppressive person and will allow you to form a new and more positive relationship with the person.

I will be writing a more complete description of this SRT handling in a future post.

Just to whet your appetites, this handling works on people you do not believe are suppressing you!

This handles those individuals like family members, doctors, counselors and friends who know what is best for you and have no hesitation in advising you how to live your life and you feel powerless to argue or fight back.

These people will have a crushing effect on your ability to act independently and you somehow cannot seem to correct them and tell them to bug off.

Most of us can tell when someone has really evil intentions and intends to harm and degrade us, but we put up with friends, bosses and coworkers who seem to dominate us. This approach handles ALL of these people from the evil ones to the well-meaning ones who suck the life out of us.
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