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Handling Unwanted Body Conditions
« on: August 14, 2015, 10:21:49 PM »
Ron Hubbard and many others spent years devising processes to handle all sorts of unwanted body conditions so it might seem presumptuous of me to say that in SRT you have a tool which allows you to do more with far less effort.

Those of you who have embraced SRT and use it to handle any non optimum situation will find that you can handle in one short session what takes other practices an intensive or two.

Having used these other practices for years, I can say with confidence that I get better and faster results with SRT than I ever did auditing in the HGCs of AOLA, ASHO, CCINT, LAD and LAF.

The reason for the difference in effectiveness and speed of results is that SRT deals with the root cause of most unwanted conditions with no vias or indirect approaches. Basically, when a non-optimum indicator appears and the client is not able to make it change by talking about it, I ask for the entity that is causing the condition to occur.

The client is invited to talk about a situation or condition until he is out of ideas or cognites and is released from the non-optimum condition. If the client says what he has to say and he has not cognited, we find the entity involved in creating the condition and get his considerations about what is happening.

Even without a meter, it is dead simple to see whether an entity is involved. There are several reactions that can occur as soon as an entity is asked for: The client will begin yawning and this will not stop until the entity is handled; The client will stop manifesting the non-optimum behavior and will become analytical and interested in the entity and what he is doing; The client will attempt to derail the discussion and change the subject but the SRT counselor who knows his subject will gently steer the conversation back to a discussion of the entity and what he is trying to do.

If you keep the client focused on the entity and make sure he is handling the entity with high ARC, the entity will eventually open up and give you all the information you need to unstick him from the event he is stuck in.

These entities do not carry around a red flag but your client will often provide clues that fairly beg to be followed down.

In an L10 session, a client mentioned hating himself because of his difficulty with sports. Then he mentions having problems on his left side as long as he can remember. Then he mentions feeling divided with aches and pains on the left side of his body.

I asked him which side of the body was "his" and he laughed and said the right side. He then located the being who had been with him since birth because they dove into the baby body at the same time. The client and his "half-brother" were both interested in athletics but in different kinds of sports. One was into running and the other was into football and basketball. The client was stronger than his "half-brother" and made the body do what he wanted, so the "half-brother" on the left side did everything possible to act in opposition to my client who was the being in charge. They had spent 72 years fighting each other for control of the body.

Once they got in communication, they handled their past upsets and recognized their common goals and "half-brother Lefty" finally felt free to create a new life for himself.

If you can get the idea of sharing your body with an opponent who feels you are usurping his place, you can see how this counter-intention will affect your health and your achievements in a negative way.

Just remember that you do not have to memorize hundreds of situations with unique solutions. All you have to do is observe non-optimum behavior and get the client to tell you about it. He will either cognite or will not know why he does it. This is the perfect point to ask if it might be an entity or cluster at work. Usually he will then spot the entity and you will be off on a handling.

Sometimes the person will say, "oh no! its me," but if he doesn't cognite and have a realization and get a release, just persist gently and you will discover the entity behind his behavior.
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