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Author Topic: Trying to do something when entities are distracting you can be a real chore  (Read 1642 times)

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In the past few days I have seen several examples of this "entity distraction" and I thought you might be interested in keeping it from happening to you.

When you are under attack, your entities can be stirred up to the point where their normal patterns of behavior are abandoned and they go into a frenzy. You may feel this as a sort of irritation and you may try to stay under control, but your attention will not stay where you put it.

The drama engulfing your entities will suck your attention away from what you think you are doing. Here are some common examples:

You think you are putting your key into a lock and it won't work. After several minutes of struggle, you realize it is the wrong key.

You attempt to log into a site you use every day and your password does not work. After many minutes of quiet rage, you carefully look up your password again and the system will not take it. You find after calling your computer adviser that you need to clear your recent history because it has stored a wrong password which is blocking your correct password.

You are finishing up a long article and you intend to copy and save it but inexplicably you delete it.

You are rushing around trying to get some important work completed and you stub your toe on the furniture or you knock your coffee over.

In each of these instances, your attention was distracted when you needed to stay focused.

In the instances I have investigated, the entities did not strike out at the exact right time to cause a problem. No, the entities had been yammering away for some time and the person working was resolutely ignoring them and was desperately trying to concentrate on what he was doing.

The problem is that we get used to ignoring physical and mental distractions and just working through them. That is actually a perversion of the idea of doing what you are doing. You may think you are in present time when you ignore distractions, but you are actually doing several things at once by trying to ignore some sensory inputs and pay attention to others.

If you catch yourself making unexpected mistakes, stop what you are doing for a moment and locate the source of your distraction. You will usually find something in your space which is seething with frustration.

If you do not have time for a full SRT handling, simply acknowledge the being and its frustration and ask it to hold on while you complete what you are doing. If you can do this in a caring manner, the being may wake up from whatever he is dramatizing and and leave. At te very least, he will stop impinging on you and will settle down long enough for you to finish what you are doing.

Acknowledging a being in distress is your first step in calming him down
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