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February 2017 Posts / Live SRT Session 2-19-17
« Last post by Kathy Elliott on February 23, 2017, 01:28:26 PM »
David St Lawrence
February 20 at 2:12am
Live SRT Session 2-19-17
I began by explaining the purpose of this live SRT demo and the normal steps of an SRT session, but also making the point that each session is different.
Sessions are done for the purpose of freeing a being's attention from an incident and restoring his free will so each handling is tailored to the entity and his experience.
David Marlow and one of his entities volunteered to participate in the session. The problem we were hoping to solve was a tendency to be impulsive in some situations. Listen to the recording and judge for yourself if we were able to handle that tendency in this session.
I also covered discoveries about our relationship to spiritual beings that I have not discussed before. This is a recording you can listen to several times and find new material every time. It is densely packed with information.
The download link for this recording is:
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence I have replaced the original recording with an mp3 file with some of the noise removed.
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Caesar Alarcon
Caesar Alarcon Thanks David. You are sure busy.
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Norman Little
Norman Little You should preface the participants separate as an intro then get to the meat of the matter. It is "nice" to hear the chumminess but it is tedious. I want to hear the subject matter that it interjects into my team consciousness, as they are listening up to adjust or protest or comment that back flows or forward flows or whatever for me to think, "Hey, I just had an amazing brain fart eureka moment, maybe but maybe not, could be another of my group. But, a good paced speed of flow is needed as my STM's are tapping their ghostly foot, hey Pogo! & bitching, Yeah, yeah, yeah, we already know them from right here in the real creation level. A bit more production protocol to be to the point. I am not dissing the participants, the depth is totally necessary. Thanks for subduing the noise, it can be a hassle to live with. Just my plugged nickel's worth.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence I can easily relate to the noise you experience from the entities surrounding you. I can't wait until you get high speed internet on the Rez so I can help you organize the impatient crew that is doing their best to help you.

The "chumminess" they deride in their impatience to get to the "good stuff" contained new material they have not yet assimilated. Yes, some of the material was for the benefit of those who had never experienced an SRT session, but the foot tapping of your minions suggests that they have never really been in session or, just possibly, have misunderstandings on what and who they really are.

Being a spirit does not automatically provide one with an understanding of that condition.Most of the beings I encounter daily have no clue they are immortal or why they are not in a body playing the game of life. Your entities show evidence of being talented, but I don't see signs that they work in concert like a well-organized team.

Most of the beings sticking with us are not functioning on all cylinders because of their unhandled engrams. This is further complicated by the fact they rarely converse with each other and have no agreement on what goals they hold in common. They also resist assimilating new information because they feel they know everything already.

If they understood the value of being a team, you would be driving a new truck and would have the financial resources you desire and deserve. Right now, they resemble a mob of prima donnas all striving to get their words in however they can.

Until we can get together for a session or two, you had best use raw will power to keep them in line and producing results instead of sheer noise. I know their hearts are in the right place but they need to act in a coordinated way to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

As a first step in bringing these entities into line, you might expose them to the recording again and have them pick up what they missed the first time.

My guys send their best.  :)
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Coaster Nut
Coaster Nut Jim S. That was some fancy channeling. Hope I get a spirit guide someday. All my guys blow on about the 7th question. They must not like my dad's old spice. Oh I got somebody prodding me to get working usually.
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February 2017 Posts / Tourmaline Troubles
« Last post by Kathy Elliott on February 23, 2017, 01:26:10 PM »
Coaster Nut
February 17 at 6:46pm
Jim Spaetti. Tourmaline troubles. i bought 3 black tourmaline rocks from Brazil to lessen electromagnetic radiation around computer. Dave said his was full of wild energies. He said that mine was probably full of mischief too. I said oh your kooky. Just then I looked down at mine and said, Is there anybody in there? And I got this bushy haired tribe lookin guy. Him and his buds got speared with 6 ft spears. 6 guys shot up and blew when I asked , How did you justify going to that mt pinatuba, wishatuba, kipatua, kishalousk, kipatra, to take over power over the valley? Then Dave found more guys in my rock that looked like little lines in the rock. I tapped the 1 lb 4 inch rock with my hole punch and Dave said that agitated em. One blew out west when I put a piece of chocolate on it. Hey SRT works on possessed healing stones. What a fun experiment. Guess I'll have to trade mine for the one my sis got and counsel it too.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence I have been reading about crystals for many years and when Jim sent me a gift of a black tourmaline rcok, I was eager to see if the energy they were supposed to possess was actually entities.

The 12 oz crystal was very dense and resembled a chunk of hard coal. It consists of a tightly bound needle-like structure with fine particles breaking off the ends of the exposed needles.

When I first picked it up, I could feel the energy in the tourmaline but I could not discern any entity activity. I decided to investigate later and gave the rock to Gretchen to put under her pillow after I read what was on the tag that accompanied the rock.

The tag with the rock said that black stones are the most beneficial for their strong electrical and magnetic forces. It also said that this tourmaline increases sensibility, inspiration and compassion and helps blocking fear and negative energy.

Gretchen slept on the rock and experienced wild dreams. She told me about them at 3am this morning when we both woke up. I put the Tourmaline under my pillow near my head and had a very restless night which is unusual for me.

When I examined the tourmaline this morning, I git a weak impression of entity activity but it quickly vanished and I was holding an ordinary tourmaline rock with no magical properties.

I took Jim in session and we examined our rocks together and he could see that my rock was empty of any entities. His still had some entities but it appears that we had released the greater number of entities just by holding the rocks and examining them. There was no energy left in my rock and only a little energy left in his rock.

It appears that these rocks contained captured clusters of entities who had been reduced to solid masses of unconscious entities by some process at an earlier time. Our experience shows that one can release the "energy" in these stones by merely looking into them for entity activity.

One can almost say that these magical crystals do have energy and that it appears to be emanated by entities reduced to a solid state. In a way, these crystals act like batteries powered by entities.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence This is what it looks like.
No automatic alt text available.
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Leslee Lewis
Leslee Lewis I have collected semi precious stones for years and feel a different energy for each one. Never suspected entities attached. This sure is going to be an interesting experience reexamining these stones. Some are extremely old. Ole boy. I have approximately 400 stones. Thanks for story. I have several tourmaline pieces. I do get a different energy from each.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence If you are willing to free the beings trapped in the stones, you will hear some amazing stories. If the beings have located themselves in the stones so they get the admiration you direct at the stones, they will not feel trapped and will probably stay in the stones and continue to give off their particular vibration.

Please share what you discover.
February 2017 Posts / SRT Webinar 2-19-17 Featuring Live SRT Sessions
« Last post by Kathy Elliott on February 23, 2017, 01:24:48 PM »
David St Lawrence shared a link.
February 15 at 8:05pm
SRT Webinar 2-19-17 Featuring Live SRT Sessions
This Sunday, February 19th, we will be delivering live SRT sessions on a first come, first served basis. You can volunteer to receive a session or to have another person you know and care about receive a session.
We will probably have time for only two sessions, so let me know beforehand to reserve your spot. These will be standard SRT sessions that would normally cost $100/hour so this is your chance to get something handled at no charge.
This will also let you observe how unique each SRT session can be and what kind of results can be obtained with SRT processing.
I want to thank Ross Druker for bringing to my attention that most of you have not seen any sessions outside of the ones you have received.
Your education on the subject of SRT processing is not complete until you have observed a good number of sessions being performed on other people's entities.
Join us Sunday for live SRT processing of spiritual entities and prepare yourself for some interesting realizations.
The webinar will start at 12 noon EST and will run about an hour. Join us by clicking on this link. https://zoom.us/j/4710611444
If you have not joined the webinar before, please sign on a few minutes early so you can do a sound and video check before we get started. The webinar will be locked once the SRT sessions begin so the sessions will not be disturbed by latecomers.
This is vital information for all of you and I hope to see you all at the webinar Sunday.
David St Lawrence

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Sameir Bakhoury
Sameir Bakhoury I wanna check it out. I downloaded Zoom.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Zoom is a high definition video conferencing system. You can use it like Skype.
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Sameir Bakhoury
Sameir Bakhoury Ya, it seems cool. Are these procedures like Scientology adutting or something?
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Not at all like Scientology auditing, unless you look at the OT levels. In SRT, we communicate with spirits. On the OT levels, you are essentially doing exorcisms of spirits.(getting rid of them by any means possible)
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Sameir Bakhoury
Sameir Bakhoury Can the remote healing you do be of a mental nature? Meaning, if someone has a psychosis such as an mental disorder or an addiction,would you be able to address that?
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence SRT processing addresses mental conditions and addictions as well as
physical conditions of the body. Have you had a chance to read my first
book introducing spiritual rescue technology?
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Sameir Bakhoury
Sameir Bakhoury No
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February 2017 Posts / Success from Remote Healing Session
« Last post by Kathy Elliott on February 23, 2017, 01:24:06 PM »
Kathy Elliott
February 13 at 1:22pm
Yesterday in the webinar, we did a remote healing session on my daughter. She had had severe pain in the area of her right kidney the day before and was still in pain yesterday. She reports that the pain has mostly gone away and that she also feels able to think more clearly. This last thing was a great relief to her because she has been feeling like she has to struggle to think and to put her thoughts into words coherently.
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February 2017 Posts / Remote Healing Webinar 2-12-17 audio recording
« Last post by Kathy Elliott on February 23, 2017, 01:23:29 PM »
David St Lawrence shared a link.
February 12 at 1:27pm
Remote Healing Webinar 2-12-17 audio recording
We ran two sessions of remote healing today and Kathy did a splendid job of channeling the entities we were working with.
We will give you an update on the state of the recipients in a few days.
Remote Healin...2-17 audio.m4a
File shared through Online Storage
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1 Jaime Conrad
Coaster Nut
Coaster Nut Amazing how she took on the guys valence that got crushed by rocks in a canyon in some foreign sector. Left me doing that dazed dog head tilt look. Those 2 sessions should have left the clients feelin 100 lbs lighter. 121 lb mass off VA. and 92 lb mass of CA . And those pro questions, Was there an incident of some magnitude! Why did you decide not to pick up a new bod! Did you make a decision at that time! How many canyons can you get stuck in if your immortal!!!!! Go 1000 ft above host and tell me what ya see !!!!! Man, it was a session training masterpiece! I'll never pick up that good. Your 250 years ahead of humanity!!
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Kathy Elliott
Kathy Elliott Just keep giving sessions! You'll get better and better. :)
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Kathy Elliott

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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Keep up what you are doing and you will be surprised at how quickly you will catch up with us.

This is not a race. I am being pulled ahead by the entities I talk to. Every session shows me a new spiritual capability that we can exploit for the benefit of civilizations everywhere.
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Jack Airey
Jack Airey
David St Lawrence shared a link.
February 10 at 8:25am
SRT Webinar - Remote Healing Workshop - Sunday, February 12th
This Sunday we will be holding a remote healing workshop where we will contact and handle spiritual influences which are harming someone's body and affecting their health in some way. At the end of this workshop, you should understand how this works and have some idea of your own ability to influence another person's health.
If you have a body problem you would like us to look at and possibly handle any malign spiritual influences, let me know by Saturday so we can be prepared to go to work as soon as the workshop begins.
The remote healing will work on you, a friend or acquaintance or a dear pet that is in need of help. I have participated in spiritual healing on friends, strangers, pets and on myself with good results.
When a person is terminal and has called us in as a last resort, we were unable to reverse the trends because the decision had already been made to end cycle on the body. However, we were able to provide some relief even in the most terminal situations.
For the purposes of this workshop, please select targets for healing that want to get better and they should be yourself or pets or people that you can describe in detail so we can get a fix on them and on their body condition. If you have an image of the person or pet that you can screen share with us during the session, that will speed things up considerably.
Take a photo of the person or pet and be prepared to display it on your screen during the webinar. I will arrange for you to share your screen so we can all see what the target looks like.
We should be able to do remote healing on two or three targets during the workshop. You can volunteer yourself as a target for remote healing and that will be the easiest way we can show everyone how this works.
Join us at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time on Sunday by using this link:

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now
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Coaster Nut
Coaster Nut I'll get the resin mixing for a william reich orgone acccumulator energy euthoric healing chamber!
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February 2017 Posts / Thoughts from Norman Little
« Last post by Kathy Elliott on February 23, 2017, 01:22:12 PM »
Norman Little
February 10 at 1:56am
I just logged on & hit the home page, whatever that means. I have problems with fragmented discourse, get to the subject point already!, rambling, flighty, oh what's that over there? type almost ADHD patterns. No wonder I don't hear entities but just get they are up to sumpin to mess my realty, ha ha. I will have to work on why I turned off all the criss cross drivel to me. Comm lines I mean. It must be a cornucopia of a comm light show with the God Space lit up with the mass multitude of beings vying for some orange crate space. Almost typed time but is there? Needed to blow off steam as the home page is just overrun like roots in your sewage line. Clogged up. Will start deep breathing soon. No head between my legs, I don't need to laugh right now. Have finally located the webinar on Caring Comm & Intending for Dollars, need to hear this as I read the 2 parts. Things are afoot in my universe, I am trying to figure out what the hell my crew is up to. I keep doing my own thing which I fight for the right to own me, not myself, or I. I get how this composite thang just fucks with people's minds. They WANT to be individual, that might be a session question, total lie just for individual ownership of me, only, NOT you! Ha ha. This new info is a real kicker but it aligns most all search quests of the past. Time to setup the download for all night, the net speed is molasses fast out here on the end of my archaic copper line.
February 2017 Posts / COMING TO AMERICA
« Last post by Kathy Elliott on February 23, 2017, 01:21:25 PM »
Kathy Elliott
February 9 at 3:56pm
The client was not being as productive as she felt she could be. She found herself just thinking about doing things but not actually getting much done. At the end of the day, she was exhausted but hadn’t accomplished much of anything.
We contacted an entity named Rafel.
He had been a young Gypsy man in Europe during the late 1930s when Hitler was on the move.
When it became apparent to Rafel that his people were in danger at the hands of the Nazis, he tried to talk to the elders of his tribe to get them to DO SOMETHINGto get to safety before it was too late. They wouldn’t listen to him. They just sat around the fires, smoking their pipes. Their policy was to “wait and see”.
“We aren’t in any danger right now so why should we do anything.”
Rafel was frantic. Why couldn’t they SEE what he saw?!!! He had been to the village. He had listened to talk. He had seen what the Nazis were doing to others. He had heard the radios in the shops. He knew that it was only a matter of time.
The Gypsies had been the most persecuted group of people in all of Europe and they had always survived. The worst that could happen (reasoned the elders) was that they would be driven out of the country, and what was so terrible about that. After all, they were a nomadic people so moving to another country was no big deal. All part of life. Pull up stakes and be gone.
Rafel knew that it wasn’t going to be like that this time. He knew that the Nazis would round his people up and herd them like cattle into railroad cars. He knew they would be taken to a death camp where they would all die. Hitler’s ambition was to conquer all of Europe, so there would be no country where the Gypsies would be safe.
Rafel felt that the Gypsies should DO SOMETHING.
Finally, Rafel gave up trying to convince the elders. He packed up his few belongings and left in the dead of night. He made his way to a seaport and stowed away on a sailing ship.
Once the ship was out to sea and on its way to America, Rafel felt safe at last.
Then one night a storm hit and all hands were engaged in trying to get the ship safely through the storm. Rafel, watching from a hiding place, felt that he should DO SOMETHING to help.
He went out on deck and was almost immediately hit in the head by the huge boom of the ship and knocked into the water, unconscious. No one had seen what happened and, even if they had, there was nothing they could have done to save him.
As he died, he made the decision that it is safer to DO NOTHING. If he had stayed in his hiding place, he wouldn’t have drowned. If he hadn’t left his home, he wouldn’t have drowned. Maybe the elders were right. “Just wait and see.” He had failed.
However, while discussing the incident of his death and everything leading up to it, Rafel realized that he HADN’T failed. He HAD gotten away from the Nazis. He HADN’T ended up in a death camp, herded there like a helpless sheep. And, he HAD made it to America – not in a human body, but as a spiritual being. He HAD found freedom!
And how had he achieved this? By DOING SOMETHING!
With his attention no longer stuck on his untimely death, he was ready to explore his new home. When asked where he wanted to go first, he immediately indicated that he wanted to see New York City.
So, while Rafel is playing tourist in the Big Apple, the client is finally DOING SOMETHING instead of just sitting around getting nothing done and wondering why.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Fantastic story! We carry so many beings with stories like this that it is a wonder that we can get anything done.

Congratulations on mastering Spiritual Rescue Technology so you can produce results like this day after day.
Unlike · Reply · 3 · February 9 at 4:20pm
Nikhil Kapur
Nikhil Kapur Destiny!
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Kathy Elliott
February 7 at 12:04pm
Many times, finding and handling the cause of a client’s problem can be more complicated than just locating a single entity and helping them resolve a single incident from their past.
Here is an example. The client said that she felt like people didn’t like her.
We located an entity named Emma. Emma had lived about 200 years ago. She and her husband had been very much in love, and they would have been happy if it hadn’t been for his female relatives.
These women felt that Emma was their social inferior, and they made her life miserable. Since these ladies were a huge part of Emma’s life, she could never get away from her tormentors. She eventually got sick and died even though she was still quite young.
When Emma died, she left her body and attached herself to one of her cruel relatives, a woman named Esmerelda. Esmerelda is now the client who feels that no one likes her! Emma has stayed with Esmerelda all these years, transferring her own misery to her host.
This happens quite often. When a person dies, they will sometimes attach themselves to the person whom they feel was responsible for their death. They will then make that person’s life miserable.
And it was working! The client was feeling like no one liked her – just as Emma had been made to feel by the women in her past life.
However, discussing her death did not give Emma relief. She was still extremely upset about what “those bitches” had done to her. She couldn’t let it go.
When an entity complains bitterly about what has been done to them, it is a very good idea to ask what they did to others that was similar to what was done to them. Always make sure that you ask such questions without any indication of accusation or judgment.
You need to make it safe for the entity to talk about anything they have done. This is the only way they can free themselves from the incidents in their past and move on to a new life.
When asked if she had ever been a bitch to others, Emma admitted that she had.
Long ago, in Ireland, she had been a woman named Gwyn. She had servants and she had treated them very badly. She said that she had a voice in head that had told her, “You have to keep them down.” Of course, she had felt that this was her own thought.
At this point, we needed to find the entity who had been the voice in Gwyn’s head. Yes, that’s right. We had an entity – Emma – who had had an entity affecting her behavior IN A PAST LIFE when she had been living in Ireland as Gwyn.
The entity who had been talking to Emma/Gwyn was a man named Almorg. He had lived a long, long time ago in the British Isles. Vikings had come, overrun his village and had killed him.
At that time, he had made the decision “you have to get rid of people who are less than you or they’ll take over and kill you”. Good advice at the time, but not when it becomes a way of life for eternity for yourself and those you are influencing as a disembodied spirit!
By looking at what had happened to him, Almorg became free to move on. We helped him to get oriented in time and space i.e., 2016 and the United States. He laughed and said, “I don’t feel like I have to fight Vikings anymore. I was really stuck in that! There are no Vikings here. I want to start a new life.” And he left to do so.
At this point, we asked Emma how she was doing. She said that she felt much better knowing why she had been so cruel to her servants as Gwyn. She understood why Almorg had given her that advice after his experience with the Vikings.
She laughed about the Karma of it – by being cruel to her servants in a previous lifetime she had brought a whole flock of bitchy female relatives down on herself in a later lifetime.
Emma said that she wanted to stay with the client to be one of her “spiritual teammates” and help her in her current life.
Expect the unexpected when working with spirits!
You will be amazed at what you – and they – uncover about the past and how much better you and your entities will feel afterwards.
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Al Leggett
Al Leggett Very well done, Kathy! :)
Unlike · Reply · 1 · February 7 at 12:21pm
Norman Little
Norman Little Thxs Kat. Ent attached to Ent. Reminds me of FB in friending. Gods how I hate friending. Come on, I really don't know you. So incidently casual. I am struck by how much of what is being discovered or told of in a better teaching coming to "Wake the fuck up you unconscious, having a stir as a human!" type SRT sessions that there are striking similarities in how Earth setups & behaviors emulate current & past to far past historical Ent behaviors arising from the then Entity created or agreed upon to be in or attached to scenario. Thxs again for illuminating update. Have a good day.
Unlike · Reply · 1 · February 7 at 1:47pm
Eduardo Guízar Pérez
Eduardo Guízar Pérez That's classic, look for the motivator, and ALSO, the overt
Unlike · Reply · 1 · February 7 at 3:57pm
Al Leggett
Al Leggett One could say it's a sequence!  :)
Unlike · Reply · 1 · February 7 at 5:17pm
Bert Kilborne
Bert Kilborne It's amazing too, how many people find it impossible to believe these things, even though this stuff is going on within us, daily!
Unlike · Reply · 1 · February 7 at 7:07pm
Norman Little
Norman Little There is pattern but it seems we focus on micro-currents of behavior in affecting a large movement of collective micro-currents. The feeling is becoming historical, that enough people or POV's were not ready or maybe the current was not aligned for a domino effect to happen. It is good to bring awareness to a fellow being on the vast connection net but that is a blipping lighting of awareness within an immense volume of blipping, tripping, happening existential comm bursts that we in SRT are just seeing from a distance. The freeing of a being using SRT within this spirit volume of existence, interesting to hear what the unattached Ents, not in the human illusion, have label for this existence space, maybe is regarded as a normal "happening of spiritual growth or learning within Ent Space". SRT is part of the constructed, controlled from Ent Space physical universe illusion box. How many other boxes of realities are there that we constrained within the parameters of a human mind that we cannot comprehend? But in disattachment, our return to the home Ent Verse we inherently know we are actually within as living participants of the Ent Verse. Each human form is designed, fits a destiny tunnel that each follows. This song of individual destiny snaps a person to be the illusion character they are destined to be in the Earth illusion. The alignment in these cases are, to loosely quote Morpheous of the Matrix, "Some of the people cannot hear this, they will never be free of the Matrix", something of that wise. That we search, from the different philosophical to vision induced paths, are we the anomalies? Are we the Neos? And how are we allowed such a porosity of curiosity when there seems to be such a vast control influence of the collective Ent mind. I am not saying it is hopeless but I see broader currents to influence that will bring change through a type of activist spiritual Ent movement. A sorta Ent Verse eureka moment, a new light shines, in which a high probability point of change might be worthy to pour Ent power to to see how the future might change. And how do we as human see the future of a plugged in Ent being that has view of the future. It must be boring to be truly eternal. Time for breakfast, much to do today. Just musing.
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February 2017 Posts / Making Your Intentions “Stick”
« Last post by Kathy Elliott on February 23, 2017, 01:18:33 PM »
Kathy Elliott
January 6
Making Your Intentions “Stick”
I know that many of you have a background in Scientology and so you are familiar with something called “Tone 40 Intention”.
Tone 40 Intention was defined as intention with no negative.
I don’t know about the rest of you but I always had a problem with that.
As soon as I’d create an intention, I’d immediately follow it with some sort of negative thought. It was like my original intention had an evil twin following it around.
And of course, we were advised to examine the details of the negative thought’s creation and, by duplicating it exactly, it was supposed to lose its power and vanish. In other words, we were supposed to look for the exact time, place, form and event of our creation of that negative thought.
This never worked for me. Try as I might, I could never seem to spot all the details of the negative thought - and of course, my new postulate never got anywhere.
Now, with SRT, we can finally get to the bottom of those negative thoughts that zoom in and neutralize any new postulate or intention that we can’t seem to make “stick”.
By first taking a look at the justifications you have for holding that negative thought in place and then, if needed, handling the entity or entities who feel that this negative idea is the solution to survival, you can unblock the stops to your intentions.
It’s just that simple.
If you’d like help finding and handling the stops to your intentions, contact David at SRTCounseling@gmail.com or Kathy at TheSpiritVoices@gmail.com – or contact either of us via FB messaging.
No automatic alt text available.
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David St Lawrence
David St Lawrence Tone 40 morphed into a humorless action of overpowering someone else's will no matter what the circumstances were.

If you retained any scrap of sanity while performing any of the out ethics, illegal and occasionally nonsensical actions of the Church of Scientology, you would have lots of reservations about what you were trying to do.

Being trained to persist in your insanity no matter what the cost, is quite damaging to your personal integrity. It is a form of implanting, which I can assure you, is not a good thing.

To achieve the results we expect from SRT, we use caring communication in every aspect of what we do. Caring communication means taking responsibility for the beings we are working with and communicating with.

If we intend something to happen and we are getting pushback of any kind we need to communicate with the source of this pushback and find the reason for the resistance to our intention. Resolving this resistance with SRT results in harmonious co-action and we get the result we intend, if that result is optimum for all involved.
Unlike · Reply · 2 · January 6 at 10:47am · Edited
Norman Little
Norman Little Gee, lost the tone, need more C4.
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