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Public Section - topics that don't fit anywhere else / Re: Sugar
« Last post by Buschman on July 22, 2017, 05:14:00 AM »
The best thing you will ever do for yourself is give up sugar.
Anecdotes from Readers / Re: How Do I Restore the Ability to See Spirits?
« Last post by Argos on January 05, 2017, 06:58:36 AM »

          Dear Tim,

    Very sensible story, can feel the emotion, indeed, it is true that we all have suppressed memories, because we need to fit with the trend of the time, in order to have a sense of belonging...also because we, from early childhood, are mixing up with entities from our own relatives, entities ENFORCING what we are allowed to think and do, stopping and screening us from operating freely...

                    The ability to ''see'' Spirits is mainly telepathic ability, and there are [usually] NO PICTURES, but of course, pictures can be brought up, suggested as a support, to memorize, or generally to TUNE up to a particular ''BEING''..

Anecdotes from Readers / Re: Christine Barclay - Watching movies affects Entities
« Last post by Argos on January 05, 2017, 05:25:16 AM »

             Hello everyone

                        This reminds me of a great experience:...

 I was rescuing a group of ''entities'' from a collective self sacrifice, around 2500 years ago, a whole village, living on a plateau, from where a majestic waterfall was [still is] forming a small lake, full of fishes, down there...
  They were escaping rape, mass killing, enslavement from an approaching army...

                     If the adults, who made that dramatic decision, to take effect in early morning hours the next day, knew it was the ''right decision'', the children, did not understand, they all jumped to their deaths,[mothers with their babies in their arms!] and the children clustered together, this is that particular group I rescued...
                              Once spotted, identified, understood with love and compassion, they all settle with me for a while, ''WE'' watched a movie from Youtube, in the evening, THEY WERE HORRIFIED by what they saw ! The movie was about college life in the US, a fiction, with the usual behaviour between teenagers, they could not stand it!

         Because from their agree upon customs and worship, they were used to consider highly forbidden for boys and girls, passed puberty, to interact with each other!  And watching them on the screen to openly express their hormonal drives, [sex] they came totally disgusted and distressed ! I had to quickly choose a different movie, to calm them down...

                      So, yes, everything you experience, including watching movies, does affect entities!

               #^G   Argos  SRT Rocks (""

Genetic Entity - Life Force - Chi / Life Force Its contactable
« Last post by Alonzoscync on February 17, 2016, 07:12:54 AM »
Thanks for posting that link Sandy. I enjoyed listening to her. She is an amazing woman with a wonderful outlook on life.
SRT Internships / Re: SRT Video #5 - a standard SRT session for Interns and Students alike
« Last post by Diana on September 20, 2015, 12:51:58 PM »
Thank you for posting the video of your session (receiving)
It helped me in two ways:
1. It answered the question I was asking myself, about handling other people's entities, without permission. I realized I have plenty of my own to deal with and should focus on that, but sometimes I find entities who are shared with another person. I proceed with the session and ack the upset, as it pertains to me only. This seems the most ethical way.
2. It alerted me to the fact that implanting someone, even with good intentions is possible. As a result, I located a so called "friend", who has been doing this with me. The irony of it is, that he had great things to say about you and that validation is what I based my trust in, when I investigated SRT.

What strikes me about him is that he is in terrible shape, physically and yet arrogant enough, to think he can "fix" other people.
You helped me tremendously, by getting off your own withhold about that.

My New Years resolution this year, was to confront and handle "fear".  This whole implant thing does provoke fear, but "knowledge is power." And I walk more confidently, that thin line between paranoia and certainty about influences from unseen forces. I trust myself to know the difference.

Much love,
Sovereign Diana :)
Private Discussions about SRT / Re: Handling Evil Purposes the Easy Way
« Last post by David St Lawrence on September 20, 2015, 10:38:21 AM »
I would suggest that Mark and anyone else who feels their purpose is to control others should locate the source of that desire and effort and unstick the responsible entities from the incident that created that desire.

If Mark and others feel that ANY desire is evil, they should find out whose desire it is and handle that being.

There is no need to make things complicated.

If you feel that something is evil, find out who has that intention and handle the being to a win.
Private Discussions about SRT / Re: Realization of the day
« Last post by David St Lawrence on September 20, 2015, 10:25:08 AM »
Tim, you made a funny!   )?"

Secret Facebook groups provide a safe space for people to speak their minds on subjects that most people do not care to hear about or are afraid to hear about.

We are happy to let people join if they are not spammers or seeking to get us to subscribe to Freedom Magazine or the Watchtower.

The agenda of our secret group is entities and how to communicate with them.

If you can do that and wish to learn more, this is the group for you to join.

Good stuff with Video 5.  Enjoyed the session. How to organize your entities is a subject work exploring as we all move along with our individual entity expansion. Never thought about how does David St Lawrence get enhancement.  Kathy did a super job keeping you in session.

Thanks for sharing with the interns.

 SRT Rocks

This fifth Spiritual Rescue Technology Video is for use by Interns and by SRT students.

In this video, I am the client being given SRT counseling by an SRT Intern.

There are two parts to this video session.

In the first part, The intern is helping my entities handle the stress I am causing them because of my past actions. Some of you may wonder why I didn't handle this charge in a solo session.

Well, the answer to that is that I had committed a destructive act a long time ago and I needed to tell someone who would really understand what I had done , what the implications were and how it upset my entities.

The second part of this session handled a problem I had created for my self by not managing my spiritual  teammates properly.

I hope that you find both parts of the video informative.

David & Kathy....

Excellent session using SRT. I learned so much on how to conduct an effective session.  Thanks to both of you for sharing this with us.

looking forward to Kathy being more playful and sharing the "SPARKLES" with the group.   &:+ &:+ &:+ &:+ &:+ &:+
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